Nurses and Patients Demand Equal Rights!!!

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Ideas, organization, and effort bring power and results!
Ideas, organization, and effort bring power and results!

With this post, I introduce a project still in its infancy: its planning stages, really.

Nurses have long known that countless abuses and misbehaviors against us go unreported and unaddressed. Perpetrators are valued sources of revenue and prestige, and much protected. Nurses know from bitter experience: honest reports of real abuses through official channels more often result in retaliatory punishment of the nurse reporters than any accountability for perpetrators harming both nurses and patients. The only savior for such nurses has been publicity. My project aims to help nurses aim this light of day. The usual status quo severely risks patient safety and protects both fraudulent ‘care’ and malpractice. Nurses demand better! Our current path seems to lead ever deeper into such corruption, protected and encouraged by powerful interests that care only for profit, not patients. These interests have largely silenced nurses with ruthless retaliation against any who speak up. We demand change.

Corruption in health care is deep, systemic, growing, and tremendously lucrative; hence the protection offered it by powerful interests in America today. Nurses and patients, I argue, are natural allies against such abuse. We both suffer for it; we both remain divided, distracted, and thus weak and abused. Unlike physicians, managers, and owners, we don’t profit from it: we stand as its victims. We badly need to better defend ourselves, to gather and organize our numbers. Together, we represent a potentially overwhelming, unstoppable force for mutual good. Groups like the NRA have achieved tremendous power with far smaller numbers. We need only focus our demands and accept no lies, distractions or compromises. If we choose to do nothing, our lot will continue to worsen. The choice is obvious: we must make an effort.

I do not mean to argue here for or against ‘ObamaCare’ or ACA. Corruption and abuse would stay equally serious and pressing problems, regardless of ACA. Until patients and nurses take their place as equals with the powers who run health care, until we provide the transparency and accountability required, we will remain victims under any system. We can and must do better.

While this group’s contribution to this effort remains a work in progress, I thought it important to introduce it now. Details will follow as soon as possible. We eagerly seek your ideas and opinions. We need your help!

(I absolutely do NOT mean to imply any complaint with my current employer with this post. I’m lucky in that sense. Not all nurses or patients enjoy such good fortune.)


    1. I’m working on just such a need list. So far I need nurses to vet reports and pass them on, people to find interested media people , people to help with technical details, spread the word people… I’m trying to balance protection for nurse reporters with credibility, weeding out spam, managing liability, gathering attention. It’s a puzzle! I love puzzles, and greatly appreciate your offer – Greg


  1. I have been a nurse for a long time – almost 30 years – which makes me feel super old. The medical field has changed so much. It used to be about providing care for the patient, holistic care, but now it has been minimized to one complaint per visit. If I were to direct blame anywhere, it would have to be towards the insurance companies. They dictate our clinical practice now. It is all about the mighty dollar – for the nurse, it is about working harder with less, for the patients it is about having the absolute minimum and even then they may not be entitled to that. You are right though, it has completely gotten out of hand and if we don’t stand up and do something…I can’t imagine where we will be in another 30 years.

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    1. I fully agree with you, SD. America has a profit system still masquerading s a health care system. We have lots of great people, but in terms of care we have more of a swamp – an ecosystem – than a “system” in the organizational sense. It’s the best on earth, in all of human history, at skimming money off the top, openly. It’s even managed to arrange for most of it it to be legal and even “ethical,” only for health care, practices that would be criminal elsewhere. A dramatic success for profiteers, won at the expense of patients, customers, and taxpayers.

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    This is another issue that needs to be brought forward to the public. The treatment of everyone needs to be both fair and just. Those that are treated poorly have the right to say so, in this country. If those at the top of the pyramid don’t like the bad press, they should take more care, to prevent atrocious acts. Punishing those that speak out against unfair treatment, is why we have so many problems in our society. I urge others to help make this known!


    1. The Internet gives us the means to turn power relationships upside down, nor always, not easily, but it’s possible. Too much potential to ignore. Thanks much for your support and help. It’s only with people like you stepping up that we can succeed – Greg

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  3. Great post! We also need to keep in mind that the corruption stems in part from the larger problem of corruption and cronyism in our government. Corporations and those with power and resources csn grease the palms of so-called elected representatives (incumbents who never leave office). The public needs to see how their inaction and apathy allows this corrupt system to flourish, and stop it. I believe nurses have a responsibility to educate the public about the effects of corruption on public and individual health!

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    1. You’re right, of course. It involves far more wealth than the banking system, almost a fifth of the biggest economy on earth. Bribes for pols are chump change in comparison, and clearly a solid investment. Not easy to attack such a dragon, but it needs doing. Nurses get needed stuff done, we find a way. Let’s get on it!


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