Friday’s Big Red Carpet Gift: Promote Yourself Here!

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Call out sexism!It’s been too long, honestly.

With so many new subscribers and contacts, I enjoy a chance to get to know folks better, and it’s nice to give some free publicity and networking, as others have done for me. Every little bit helps!

So come on down and say hello: post a comment with whatever you’d like to tell us about yourself, questions, problems, jokes, pictures of your cute kids, it’s up to you. Remember to leave any contact information you like: blog links, other social media handles, pet projects and causes. It’s your call!

Let’s chat 🙂




  1. Hello, I am an Elephant, long-time reader, first-time commenter…. Anyone interested feel free to check out my blog:

    And if you’re interested in mental health, please check out my newspaper the Mental Health Observer: (updated daily)

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  2. Thanks for this opportunity, Greg. My name is Alene Nitzky. I am a registered nurse, health coach and cancer exercise trainer. My business is In addition to this, like Greg, I am passionate about nurse advocacy. I recently started a website for nurses called Fighting Dinosaurs, intended for guest blogposts. I recently wrote a chapter in a book for nurses called The Empowered Nurses System. To check it out, here is a link: #empowerednursesbook

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    1. I’m already familiar with your great Fighting Dinosaurs site, and hope for some help on a new project. To address the punishment of nurse whistleblowers and the way they’re so often ignored, I hope to soon provide nurses and patients with a means to anonymously offer warnings about provider misbehavior. I plan to distribute such information not through official channels but to public sites. The light of day often makes bad guys change their ways. I’m still working on details, and need help/ideas about promising places to host such information, practical wasy to process it all, ways to reduce risk, etc.
      As for the book, it’s on my reading list!
      Thanks for reaching out and helping nurses – Greg


  3. Hey, I’m Maria-Stephanie 🙂 I am from the Dominican Republic and I just moved back from London, UK. where I was pursuing my degree in International Relations. I describe myself as an on and off blogger since I was 16, however some recent events *which you can read about on my blog, wink wink* have kind of pushed me back into blogging as it is one of the only ways I can make myself feel better right now. I hope you give my rants a chance haha

    Have a lovely day,


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  4. Hi all,
    I would like to share a book I wrote about nurses with disabilities. It is called “The Exceptional Nurse: Tales from the trenches of truly resilient nurses working with disabilities”.

    They’re strong. They’re persistent. They’re resilient. They’re exceptional nurses.
    Read the true, inspiring stories of nurses with disabilities who overcame significant odds—managing physical and mental challenges on the job—and continued to be a nurse through it all.
    You’ll read of a nurse who has a learning disability and developed his own system of accommodation.
    You’ll find out about a nurse who experienced an amputation after many conservation surgeries and found a way to keep working.
    You’ll learn about a nurse who worked through a terrifying hurricane and developed mental illness, and learned important lessons about herself to help her conquer it, and continue being a nurse.
    You’ll hear the stories of what it’s like to lose hearing while on the job as well as develop vision deficits while nursing.
    In all these stories, the nurses’ resilience is what helped them pull through adverse situations, made them stronger and more effective nurses in the end.
    Also included is practical information on how to navigate the vocational rehabilitation system including a guide to requesting services, a sample accommodation request letter to share with an employer, as well as information on how to best disclose a psychiatric disability.
    Whether you’re a nurse or a student with a disability or you care about a nurse with a disability, this book will leave you inspired and prepared to be an exceptional nurse yourself.

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    1. It’s a good read on an important topic, Donna. Nurses are too often treated as disposable parts in the big machine, blamed for sytems problems to avoid the need for substantive improvements and pretend to address them, thrown out when they develop wear and tear because it’s the cheapest option. Respecting nurses with all disabilities, working with not against them, health care systems can learn how to do better by nurses in general. If not, a time will come when nurses will make it very expensive and embarassing mistake indeed.

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  5. I’m Amber! I’m from Cincinnati and have a degree in Journalism, although I’ve steered away from that profession. My blog are mainly posts I’ve written for local news media as well as, more recently, thought provoking situations that happen in my life. I’m just getting on the blog bandwagon, so any feedback and new followers are appreciated. Eventually I’ll be posting my poems and short stories I’ve written. Follow me and have a great day 🙂

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    1. I’ve been quite to Cincinatti, but was a kid in Pittsburgh through the 70s, often visting my parents’ hometown of Sycamore, OH – near Upper Sandusky. My brother is a newspapaer photo editor in Vermont: sounds like a tough racket! We’re all new, at the start. I know far more than I once did, far less than I need to. Welcome to our world, and feel free to reach out with any probelms or questions – Greg


  6. How nice of you to do this 🙂

    I’m Danni, currently an aesthatician but leaving to start university to study children’s nursing in September!

    I am new to the blogging world, but so far i am really enjoying it! I post baking and crafts tutorials, beauty reviews and i like to share anything that comes to my mind. I started my blog because i don’t really have any friends, or people i connect with, so thought it’d be a good way to start.

    You can find my blog on:


    Facebook: DanniDollyDayDream

    Thanks 🙂 xxxxxxxx

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    1. Welcome, Danni! It’s a great way to interact with lots of nice and interesting people, and learn things too. Most of my blogger knowledge has come from other bloggers and readers, one tidbit at a time. If you have any blog or nursing questions/problems, feel free to reach out. I know a few things, and know others who know more – Greg

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