Friday Big Red Carpet Recap #1

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GC Myers Majesty  sm
GC Myers Majesty sm

It seems  a useful idea.

My blog coach assigned us a recap post, a project I’ve managed to put off for a while now. So here goes: all the posts over the last seven days, in reverse order. Please enjoy, and PLEASE let me know what you think:

DARPA thinks it has a solution to Ebola (and all other infectious diseases)

When You Are Happy – Kurt Vonnegut

The Spider Bite and the Art of Nursing by nursecode

Companies Run by Women Perform Better

Am I Tolerant?

Joke of the Day 3/18/15

Innovative Nursing News: My Unprecedented Experience! 

Joke of the Day 3/16/15

Has the Time Come for Nurses to Take Control of Their Destiny?

Nurse in a Wheelchair; Should we let her Try?

Joke of the Day 3/15/15: After Much Careful Research…

Stroke Prevention: Guidelines for Nurses and Others

NYTimes: Safety of Herbal Supplements Pulls Prosecutors Together 

Discussion: Nurse Joke of the Day Saturday! 3/14/15

Nurses Need a Village: Thanks Guys!

Bloggers of the World, Hear My Cry!

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