Companies Run by Women Perform Better

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imageIgnoring women for CEO positions, it seems, may cost investors some money. Perhaps they’ll pay some attention:

Companies run by women perform better


  1. You have a point yet there is one thing you should emphasise here. Men in enterprises and organisations are usually better in the technical aspects of the job, be it as C.E.O. or as an employee.

    Women are usually better in the social aspects and in certain business environments, profit or non-profit social skills are more important.

    Right now we live in an age where social connections, experience and the user interface is becoming more and more important. A friendly brought message has more more positive impact hence emotional intelligence and soft skills are so vital.

    I have worked under and with male and female managers. They are different and usually communication with the female manager is more pleasant and that makes a different.

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  2. I like the picture. But I disagree on the concept. It has nothing to do with sex. Competence is what matters. The feminization of companies, government, churches, and men in general, is killing our society. Too much of our society run on feelings rather than facts. This will doom us in the end.


      1. What people think is better for society I think is actually ruining it. We need real men and real women that are competent. That’s all. Many companies are run on political correctness and feelings rather than on objective truth (we have been subjected to this personally), and civilization is cresting because of it. I realize most don’t share my view. But “female” does not equal better.

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