Am I tolerant?

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You tell me.
I have no patience for certain things that anger and offend me:
– Hurting others for no good reason,
– Refusing to learn so you can lazily boost your ego,
– Refusing to learn out of outright global laziness,
– Taking a responsible service job to serve yourself, then finding a way to avoid the service part of it,
– Doing evil,
– Acting the part of a well-paid parasite,
– Taking undeserved credit at others’ expense,
– Causing others to suffer because you feel bad about yourself,
– Blaming and punishing others for your own decisions and faulings,
– Finding ways to make your own greed, hate, corruption, etc seem like virtue,

That sort of thing.
You tell me.

Am I intolerant?


  1. I can’t tolerate any of those things either. People need to be nice, work hard, help each other out and not take credit for things they have no place taking credit. I have worked with some administrators like this over the years – certainly not at my present job, because everyone really works well together, but from experience these people can make your life miserable. There are very people I intensely dislike but anyone that does the above things – SUCKS!!!!!!
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow and remember Karma is a bitch. All this stuff will bounce back and bite them in the butt!!!!

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  2. One of the best things about getting older is developing very thick skin. Most people are pretty decent, but then you have to deal with the kind you are describing, and well, it makes me want to puke. It’s exhausting to always turn the other cheek, but sometimes it’s just easier. Great post Greg!

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