Nurse in a Wheelchair; Should we let her Try?

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Nurse in wheelchair serves as a rolling healer   News   Observer News   ObserverHere’s a nurse’s story, chock full of drama, struggle, inspiration and controversy:

Nurse in wheelchair serves as a rolling healer | News & Observer News & Observer.

This is a nurse who has heard many times she can only fail, and she has refused to give up. If you would, please, read this compelling story and tell us what you think?

Can she pull it off? Should me let her try?

Let’s talk! Teach me, that’s how I learn.

(P.S. Thanks to Donna Carol Maheady on the great Facebook group, who sent this story my way)


  1. Hi Greg, Thanks so much for sharing. As an advocate for nurses with disabilities and founder of, I have a great deal to share!

    Nurses with disabilities are not new to nursing practice. Remember Florence Nightingale’s mental health issues?

    Can we honestly say that we never worked with a nurse or student with mental health issues, chronic illness or back injury?

    We are just seeing more open disclosure now…. and a wider range of disabilities.

    I say…let’s give her a try…the same way we give other nurses a try.

    We have to recognize that nurses are knowledge workers…they work with their hearts and minds…we are not physical laborers.

    There is a place in nursing practice for a wide range of abilities.

    I’m often asked if all students or nurses with disabilities should be allowed to practice….My response is “Of course not!….I don’t think every nursing student or nurse without a disability should be allowed to practice”!

    Time will tell…but with the appropriate supports and reasonable accommodation….I say good luck Latisha!

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    1. I agree. Health care overwhelmingly ignores systems issues that risk safety and efficiency, deciding to pretend to take action by blaming individual nurses instead – ‘blame and train (or fire)’ is cheaper and easier than real solutions. This storty offers, in a sense, an obvious example of a pattern that affects all nurses: systemic managerial laziness, rot and irresponsibility. Nurses need to unite and make such misbehavior untenably expensive and embarrassing. I’ll readily admit I chose an inflammatory title to attract extra attentoin to this story worthy of even more. My bad! – Greg


  2. Of course she deserves a chance to work! This is a great story not because they hired her but because of her drive and spirit which made her not quit trying! I went to culinary school at age 46 to fulfill a dream, despite bipolar, arthritis and other illnesses. The only one who knew was the president/owner of the school and she was my biggest cheerleader when things were going wrong! I hope this fine nurse knocks their socks off! Thanks for sharing this!

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