Nurses need a village: Thanks, guys!

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Featured Image -- 6336A friendly update on yesterday’s rant about blogging and forcing myself (argh!) to learn and grow when I’d rather be a couch slug after a day of nurse work:

I’m feeling better today! Thanks to all you nice folks out there who offered me support & advice: it made a huge difference. How could it not?

Reaching out for support, ideas – and dare I suggest it – help, are great investments. You can build bonds, enjoy others’ company, learn, even improve your health. Social isolation, research suggests, wears people out, mind and body, a surprisingly potent risk factor for premature death and many illnesses.

Helping is also a great investment: it feels good, IS good, and leads to surprising benefits down the road. It does more for the helpers than most people seem to realize. Whoever coined the axiom, “What goes around comes around” was a smart cookie!

I’m working at the hospital five days in a row, starting yesterday, so today is an easier workday. It’s the weekend, usually easier than weekdays (no meetings!). All my work yesterday led to fewer needs and problems today: that’s how clinical work goes if you know how to play your cards well. Prevention is where all the cool kids hang out, folks: prevention! It’s an investment with huge, reliable, rapid returns. Lots of time, energy and patience freed up. I’m doing my daily blog post on my lunch break: more free time after work! Plus, the powers running my blogging challenge (day 5 today) have apparently given us a break for the weekend: I’ve seen no email with homework.

So it’s a good day for the Big Red Carpet Nurse. I’m glad.

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  1. I’m glad you are feeling better about things today. It is true – we as healthcare providers are privy to some really amazing stuff every day, things that boost one’s confidence in humanity. I was feeling kind of worn down the other day, but one of my young patients gave me a full rendition of ‘Let it go’ complete with hand gestures – made my whole day (just out of the blue she sang me a song). How can you NOT have a great day when something like that happens?

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