Nurse Joke of the Day Saturday! 3/14/15

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First off, happy weekend for those who have one (not me this time around & that’s OK)!

I’ve enjoyed this JOTD series, and mostly kept up with it every day – not easy AT ALL! – honestly…

Isn’t is grand when your silly whim actually works out?

If you haven’t had such an experience, you might try it on occasion, perhaps: what do you have to lose? Your seriousness? Your bland adult respectability? Do you really VALUE and ENJOY such things, or do simply feel like you MUST ACT THAT WAY BECAUSE THAT’S ADULTHOOD? Honestly, isn’t adulthood making your own decisions and accepting the results, not merely focusing on appearances, on impressing your neighbors or your coworkers? Your life only goes on for only so long, and then you’re done, sooner than you think. Will all that precious respectability make you proud in the end? Will it make you smile, make you feel your life was complete, will it, really? Think on it, think hard. THAT is being an adult, owning your life, thinking ahead wisely, and making it something to remember, not playing the part of a generic ‘adult’.

On a perhaps related note dear to me in any case, might I offer again my request for your jokes? It certainly helps me keep up…

For example, Andrew Lopez, an ER nurse quite active and successful on-line who helps out lots of folks in social media. He recently invited me to one of his many projects, Generous, honestly: that’s how Andrew operates, helping lots of people get heard in the vast howling hurricane of Look at Me!!! that is the internet today.

Thanks for your patience today, folks, as JOTD doesn’t usually involve such a dramatic and lengthy introduction, but I speak from the heart. That said, here’s the joke, via

Smart lady!

Once again, I’m begging you folks, send me your jokes. I love them, and it’s much more fun for everyone to have as many sources as possible! Credit given, I promise…

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