How I discovered an important question a doctor should ask a patient – The Washington Post

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An important (and quick) read for all healht care providers and patients:

How I discovered an important question a doctor should ask a patient – The Washington Post.

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  1. Excellent article. It’s true, sometimes as providers we focus on the fixable things, but every patient and their family comes into the clinic with some idea of what it is they want, what they see they need. We need to slow down and remember although everything is vying for our time (documentation, computers, billing, insurance companies, pharmacies, coding) the primary focus is the patient and his needs, not what we think he needs.
    I think back to Nursing school, when we suffered through learning all the Nursing Theorists – King, Dorothea Orem and all those nursing care plans. We had to use self-care deficits (Orem) – things that affect your ability to attend to activities of daily living. This story certainly brings that back into focus, and makes me think maybe those theorists were on to something (of course don’t let anyone know I said that).

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    1. What saddens me in health care education is just how little education folks get about people skills. YOu can’t do better with communicaiton if you don’t know any better ways, and there’s a tremendous literature on the topic, almost entirely outside of health care. I have focused much study on theses resources for over a decade, and you what I’ve learned clinically and in nurse education and training. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment – Greg

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