Bloggers of the World, Hear My Cry!

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So many hats! So much to learn! Argh!

So I started a blogging challenge, not one of those 365 day punishers, just a month. No big deal! I write most days anyway… Today’s day four. No big deal…


Actually, it’s already demanding that I learn and apply things I should have done long ago, things that will greatly benefit my blogging… Argh!

Cranking out copy is easy. Well, some of the time. It’s much like talking… ask anyone, I can do lots of that too. Some of the time…

But organized, efficient, effective blogging requires more than copy. More than writing.

It’s like you’re the writer, the editor, the sales and IT folks… you get where I’m heading here. It’s one word: “blogger,” yet an awful lot of hats.

So I rant today, or whine perhaps – I’ll go with rant – because I’m working too, and a parent, and I’m tired, and I’m getting pushed to do things I’ve put off for some time. Worthwhile things…



Thanks toย Beata Wrobelย for the piece Mandala above. Click for more info!



  1. I’m pretty new to this blogging thing and still don’t quite understand these blogging challenges. Are they self-imposed? I think my challenge in response to your challenge will be to comment on every one of your posts (..giggle).

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    1. As far as I know, they’re all quite voluntary. Some people feel a need for some external cue to post more consistently; I’m doing it for the learning involved. There are some details you might never notice that help bring in traffic, save time, etc. And it’s a social thing. I see year long challenges, too much for me. A month I can do. Comment away! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Feel free to whine! Excellent writing and presentation are important in creating a good blog, but it’s also your chance to tell the blogsmosphere how you feel! If every post is complaining, no one will want to read it, but moments of moaning and groaning are perfectly acceptable! It’s also a way to connect with fellow bloggers on a more personal level!

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