Discussion: What Do Nurses Need?

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RN caps picture 1f45d258d81a86acd7b3067d0602e74aWhat do nurses need?

I can think of a few things, of course. I’m a nurse myself, and I’ve been in the trenches too long NOT to have some ideas. A wish list. Dreams!

I want a hospital that makes sense and superpowers, not just the usual nursey kinds but flying and other comic book stuff – but that doesn’t matter now. Forget all that. This blog, and this post are about you reader folks out there. For today, the nurses out there. I’ll get to the rest of you soon – I promise!

Nurses: what bugs you? What gives you the worst pains at work? What tempts you to murder, retirement or both? What do you want FIXED? What do you want BETTER? What holds you back, wears you out, grinds your gears, gives you grey hair?

FYI, and jokes aside, I do process (how can a psych nurse NOT?), but at heart I’m a problem-solver, a coach and inventor. I ask “why,” every day, and “because” doesn’t cut it. Making it better is my thing: build people up, teach them, find a better way, that sort of thing. More of a life hacker than a “get used to it” guy. That’s me.

So what do you want, nurses? Come one, tell me! I want to know!!!


  1. I want respect, from the doctors and from management. I don’t want to get berated and belittled for every mistake ( usually for paging the MD). And I want more time with the patients.

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