Case Study: Bloggers and Blogging Challenges

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Every day, every day...
Post every day, every day…

Case Study: Greg (Me!), Blogging, and Help.

Question: Why would Greg post over 1200 times, THEN sign up for a blogging challenge?

First off, it’s me, and I do things my way. I’m an oddball.

I also tend to learn things on my own to a fault, and it slows down my progress in many ways. I make the same mistakes far longer than need be, and miss lots of easy answers and useful resources until late in the game. Lately I’ve been trying extra hard to go out of my way – for me, FAR out of my way – to engage others and learn from them. It’s been fantastic so far, it really has. If I could time travel, I’d go back now and give my old self a good talking to on this issue (Then of course I’d do lots of great things. Time travel after all!). I’ve slogged along in the wilderness when there were tons and tons and TONS of great helpful folks out there, resources galore, answers, tools, solutions, inspirations. Then I find out there was an oasis in reach all along. I hate it when that happens! And love it too.

Better late than never, I suppose!

I’m not a big fan of being told what to do, EVER, to be honest, so a blogging challenge makes me cringe a bit. Things to do, directions to follow, every day for a month. Grrrrrr……

Still, getting outside my comfort zone and learning from others is the idea, Greg. Get used to it! Besides, it’s only a month!

(Editor’s note. Yes, Greg is now talking to himself in a blog post. I blame stress.)

Could be fun…

In any case, here we go. Day One!

I’ll keep you good folks posted.


  1. Oh my gosh, exactly! I love to do it MY way, no rules and such. I really enjoy writing, just never tell me to do it and how! But I too am always up for these challenges ha-ha.

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  2. I love your sense of humour. I am a nurse myself and I am known as the clown nurse. I am also on the blogging challenge Day 2 today for me.

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      1. I love making everyone laugh including having funny things in my hair, and dancing for my patients. So much fun and now I have Princess Po that comes to work with me. You can find her on my blog. Your patients must love you with your sense of humour


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