Super Mono & Small Goals

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I caught mono as a Sophmore in college. Had a party in our apartment,
learned grandma had died & flew out on no sleep for the funeral then… mono. Knocked me down all semester, I cut back to 12 credits from 18, thought a lot. Ended up deciding to quit engineering (w perhaps the best grades ever of someone to do so) and go pre med & philosophy instead.

Fair to say , mono changed my life!

Learning to be Funny

I have been sick since late January.

I am not the kind of sick where I take some vitamin C, get some extra sleep and push through my normal schedule. I have been the type of sick in Little Women when you start to worry about Beth and put the book down to cope emotionally. To be fair I don’t have Scarlet Fever but I was diagnosed this week with mono. Not just normal mono but something my irritating ENT Doctor calls “aggressive mono”; or what my much funnier friend John is calling “Super Mono!” (the exclamation point and title caps are necessary). This is coming on the heels of pneumonia last month and the death of my grandmother. Turns out I caught the mono sitting at her bedside in the hospital. Nifty.

So I’ve been trapped in my apartment, and most days even restricted to my bed with only…

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  1. It’s funny about your grades when you had mono, I had it in high school and ended up w/ all A’s that semester, including Physics and Chemistry! and hardly went to any classes – nor did I like science, haha

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