An investment nurses can’t afford to miss

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It’s long been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Obviously because it’s true.

Most people in health care work take far too little advantage of this idea, and I watch them suffer for it. Some learn when offered a better way, some refuse, but sadly, most were never given that opition. They learned on their own, or not. In time, regardless of fault, what hapens to those who don’t learn? They steadily become bitter and burnt out, the folks who exude misery like a dark toxic mist, who create their own bad weather in the people around them and get used to rain and darkness all the time. It comes on over years, the dsrkness dies, so slowly that victims come to feel like it was always that way. This is no myth. Any experienced nurse knows such people. They are legion, sadly. Everywhere. Ignorance is clearly not bliss.

Not their fault at all, most folks never had a chance to learn otherwise, but they serve as cautionary tales. Unless you learn better, younger nurses, that’s your future. Misery and darkness.

Don’t go down the bad path! Learn better and thrive, please! It’s not hard, and the payoffs are huge. We each create our other weather when it comes to people around us. Some learn to build a bubble of sunny days around us. It’s a great way to live and work!

We each choose our actions. The consequences? Those simply happen: we are not given any choice. Only over our acts do we have any power. Choose well: it’s your future, your life. Bad choices lead to the darkness.

I teach and practice people skills. The path of light and joy.

If you do an ounce of work with people before any potential conflicts arise, it reliably saves you a pound of cure. That cure, if you try to cut cirners on prevention, will be an unpleasant, tedious, stressful pound of your flesh – ask any experienced nurse what people are like at their worst – that patients will demand when you least expect it, least have time for it. In time, energy, patience, you can win with prevention or badly lose with cure. Your call.

In short, pay an easy price up front, make a strong impression, or you will lose, badly.

Over and over, until you surrender into retirement.

As I said, I teach people skills. I see them as investment tools that provide nurses with untold wealth: extra time, energy, cooperation, and joy at work. A new way of life : people tools don’t discriminate. They give you power and freedom and yes, joy, everywhere you see other people. Not just at work.


Your call, of course.

What do you think?


  1. Agree totally. An angry person can ruin an entire day (or shift). Generally though, if you take the time to ask them what is going on, and sincerely listen to their response, a great deal of strife can be diffused early on.
    I remember when I was a very young nurse, we would hear horror stories about how the older nurses would make your life miserable (just because they could) – you know, ‘Nurses eat their young’. I don’t see that as much today – but maybe that is because I am one of the ‘older nurses’ or maybe things have changed.

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    1. Aging is a skill some never learn; it’s ugly. Especially with nurses, as we have no pensions, so some feel compelled to keep working when the joy is long gone. Avoid that fate! We all learn from experience, but only some of learn useful lessons. Others only pick up bad habits akin to rust. Thanks so much for your point of view! – Greg

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