Joke of the Day Just Got MUCH Better!

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Still seeking comments on the NJOTD logo!
Still seeking comments on the NJOTD logo!

I’ve had some wonderful responses so far to my request for your jokes.

Not surprising, honestly. Not to me, anyway.

Still, more than I’d imagined. What would life be without surprises?

In retrospect, how can such a genuine request to spread good will go wrong?

We need as many smiles and laughs as we can get, don’t you agree?

Not the canned, cynical stuff we see on TV… we have more than enough of that. Plenty!

That sort aims, in the end, to sell ad time, and thus product. No more, no less. Entertainment is the means, not the goal.

Fair enough, but happy, content people aren’t the best viewers or consumers, so that kind of humor seeks not to offer happiness or content. That requires an edge of discomfort, fear, cynicism. To inspire people with a sense of emptiness, a need to fill. Dependence, in short. And that is what it achieves.

“Good humor” wasn’t always just an ice cream brand. It was an idea, a way of life, when people entertained each other.

It was joy, laughs, good will. Enjoyment of each other’s company. These make life worth living, make all the crap in the world bearable. No?

Precious, precious humor: close cousin to hope!

Together, they create a better future.

Without them…

But I digress far too long. Thank you for your patience.

I feel fortunate today: a remarkable project came to my attention, a tremendous source of unique comic talent. It feels like fate somehow.

David Granirer, a mental health counselor and comic, founded Stand Up For Mental Health in Vancouver, Canada. He trains people with mental illnesses as standup comics, and the results are entertaining (see for yourself!), inspirational, and given their brief training, miraculous!

Now, as a token of good faith, as proof of this idea, and to fulfill my promise of a Joke of the Day, I offer you a few minutes of jokes. I’m spreading my new wealth, you see. Watch! :

Eufemia Fantetti, Stand Up For Mental Health Comic – YouTube.

Enjoy, I hope, and please let me know what you think.

This project, I suspect somehow, is far more important than it may seem.


Imagine that! Life isn’t all crap, it turns out…


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