Nurse Joke of the Day 3/4/15

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One of the few jokes I’ve ever been able to remember:

Guy walks into a bar on the top floor of a tall building.
He sits at the bar. There’s one other customer,  who finishes his drink, walks  over to an open window and jumps.
Guy’s shocked, wondering why the bartender doesn’t seem phased…
Then the Jumper comes out of the elevator, has another drink, walks to the window again…
Guy stops him, Don’t do it!
Jumper smiles, explains there are awnings on every floor, so you go flop flop flop all the way to the ground, perfectly safe: it’s fun you should try it!
After a little more discussion, Guy figures what the heck, and jumps to his death.
Bartender tells Jumper as he wipes a glass:
You know, Superman, you’re a real ass when you drink…

Ta Da!

Needless to say, I don’t tell this one st work! Psych unit, you know…


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