Help! I need your jokes!

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Joke of the Day has been fun so far, but it would MUCH better with fresh sources of material.

So tell us your jokes, please! Nurse jokes or otherwise. The fun is the important thing.

Consider this post your stage, would-be comics out there. Blow us away with your wit! I envision the most entertaining comment list of all time…

It could be lots of fun…

And I’ll repost the best: honored for all time, for what little it’s worth, as a Joke of the Day.

Fame! Fortune! (It could happen!)

And laughs.

Let’s do this thing,  OK?


  1. A nurse approaches an elderly lady on her hands and knees, searching for something. She looks up at the nurse in despair.

    Lady: I can’t find them anywhere!
    Nurse: What are you looking for?
    Lady: Don’t you trouble yourself. I’ll find it! You must think working in a home for seniors is such a hassle.
    Nurse: No, you’re confused. That’s what this place is for! It’s a home where we ask, “Have you seen your glasses lately?” and “Have you seen your teeth lately?”

    That’s the best I can come up with. 😀

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