Heard of Motivating Giraffe? GREAT Blog! GREAT Book!

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First off, I have no personal or financial interest in this blog.

I DO have a personal interest in strong writing, art, laughs, and inspiration, though, and I like to help good folks out there succeed that much more. I also enjoy sharing the gems I find in my travels.

I’ve followed Penny Renshaw’s blog Motivating Giraffe for some time, and waiting eagerly for a collection in book form. I keep her blog on a personal list on the WordPress Reader that I call Top Shelf. It loads PAINFULLY slowly for some reason, this list, but I rarely regret the wait. Motivating Giraffe is one reason for that.

Speaking of waiting: My wait for that MG book has ended at long last!

An example from Motivating Giraffe
An example from Motivating Giraffe

Woo Hoo!!!

Congratulations, Penny!

Congratulations, lucky folks who but the book!

Here’s a link: THE MG BOOK

What are you waiting for?!?!?

P.S. Please share any other projects in meed of some eyeballs. Feel free to dump them in the comments section…

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