Success and a Request: I Need Your Help

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Occassionally, against my nature, I try to think ahead a little.

It’s a good idea, right?

So here’s my situation.

I’m feeling optimistic tonight.

My subscriber numbers keep rising, slowly yes, but still…

Let’s stick to that optimisim.

What should we do at 10,000?

I have no idea.


I’m all ears…


    1. I could try, although I know a better source than I. I’ll think about it, maybe post & include the link. In fact, I’m convinced. Thanks, April, for the great idea! FYI, and as you may know already but just in case, lots of folks are leery of links in comments, as it’s a common spammer tactic. I don’t mind, myself. Again, thanks – Greg


  1. Dream big! … The 200, That’s a big number! Just hitting 200 followers tonight, I can’t quite imagine 10,000 yet, but I keep dreaming! 😉 That’s exciting!

    Drop 10,000 pennies in a fountain! Ha! Just kidding! (That would be $100!) … I like the balloons idea above. … 10,000 pieces of confetti inside the ten thousand balloons and throw a party! Pop the balloons from above at the end. … Ten thousand seconds/minutes straight of shouting and celebration … A real party with these ideas incorporated on a small scale, just for the fun of it!

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    1. You offer more ideas than everyone else put together so far, including me! You’re good at this stuff 🙂 Thanks. I have plenty of time, as I still have over 2000 to go to reach 10k. I felt like assuming it will happen soon could piump me up, help make it so maybe. FOlks like you certainly help! Thanks – Greg

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  2. Ten thousand? Where are you at now?

    = W=;; While I don’t think the amount of people really matter, its the subject and how people connect is what counts. It would be awesome if you had those subscribers all be active. (Unlike myself who has somewhere in the hundreds but only two commentators?)

    I say the simplest thing that doesn’t cost much; a boxed cake baked and written in icing, ‘Thanks for subscribing!’

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    1. When I said I was planning ahead, I meant it. I’m at a little over 7k now. I don’t usually pay that one much attention, but it seemed a way to further motivate myself. Like you, I have a small fraction of folks active at any given time. It turns out gathering subscribers is far easier than gathering eyeballs. I do a lot of reading and commenting and reposting, not to build numbers but to gather topic ideas and learn and network a bit. Still, it brings people in, whether out of interest or mere courtesy, who knows. Plus I offer very diverse material, so there are the nurse readers, the mental health readers, the art readers, etc. I like your idea; I wish I could offer slices over the internet… 🙂


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