Nurses and Believing in the Paranormal

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Rodin – The Thinker

S.D. Gates

Hipaa ghostI came across a Nursing website recently that had in the Discussion Forums – Should Nurses Believe In Ghosts? One of the responses to the question asserted disbelief in the fact that the question was being posed to nurses who should be ‘scientifically literate’.  I don’t quite know what to make of that response.  If one is scientifically literate does that completely diminish their ability to believe in anything that hasn’t been proven or can’t be seen?  Wow!

Nursing is filled with magical thinking, superstition, intuition and having the ability to sense impending crises.  That may be what makes up a great nurse, someone who is not only book smart and can think quickly and rationally, but also can read the situation, sense the changes in the patient before they show up on the monitors as numbers, and notice a different look in the eyes of their patient, long before all the scientific equipment…

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