A Crack in the Armor

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A pediatric nurse offers important insight into the illnesses for which we offer vaccines. Read and learn!

S.D. Gates


I remember back in 1985, when I was a brand new pediatric nurse, I encountered my first patient with bacterial meningitis.    The little boy was wheeled into the Pediatric Ward on a gurney, such a tiny boy with brown curls, and long lashes that dusted his round cheeks.  He was so sick, rigid and unresponsive.  Despite intensive treatment, he never really recovered.  He was never the same.  He never walked again, nor did he ever talk, his development stopped that day.  Even now, 30 years later, I still remember that boy.  Because the most shocking thing was, 24 hours before he arrived on our Pediatric Ward, he was a completely normal, exuberant little 2 year old.  Bacterial meningitis can hit hard and it can hit fast.  And as sad a story as this is, it becomes even sadder because he wasn’t the only one,  there were many more.   November was…

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