11 Inspiring People Who Lost It All and Came Back Stronger

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(Pic Via tumblr_n13yytazib1qcv09)
      (Pic Via tumblr_n13yytazib1qcv09)

Failure happens, but it’s usually not permanent unless you give up. These folks didn’t, and it paid off:

11 Inspiring People Who Lost It All and Came Back Stronger | Inc.com.

Personally, in 1994 I dropped out of medical school in massive debt, depressed and certain that I was finished. I kept plugging, though, and things have worked out rather well!

Do you have any comeback stories? Do tell!


  1. It brought me over to read your article on Robin Williams. Having lived in that clinically depressed space for many years and then not for many years(I’m 73), I am grateful for my good luck at finding treatment in time, the insights I have gained (and still gain every day) during my recovery. I am aware that “who I am today” and whatever gifts I bring to the world would not have been possible without walking that impossibly foggy path and I’m grateful. Still, many are not as lucky as I am, and everything we can do to raise awareness about this deadly disease is a great thing. Thanks for sharing your story.

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