Q&A a day… A Journaling Idea

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An interesting idea. Has anyone else out there had any experience with journaling? I’ve never been able to keep up with it for long, and usually only when I’m depressed. The format this post describes might actually work!

Cre8tive Vibes

Having never really gotten into the idea of keeping a diary after failing after about the first month each year, I was sceptical about using a present I received for my birthday called a five year journal. It’s basically a diary that spans over five years of your life so you can compare how it changes over that time period. However, this is a journal with a difference and surprisingly I’ve found myself using it every day to note down the smallest of things.

The reason for this may be because each day there is a question for you to answer which obviously makes it easier to know what to write. I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s creative, thought provoking and gives me inspiration daily without me having to struggle for material.

Today’s question is it’s not a good idea to experiment with…This is proving to be a hard…

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