Eight New Offers!

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From Pinterest, of Course!
                        From Pinterest, of course! (See below for more info)

The Nerdy Nurse has convinced me to enhance my blog using Pinterest. I’ve used it as a hobby for some time, but Wow! There are lots and LOTS of nurses on Pinterest! My gender and interests make me a minority figure there, but I’m used to that as a male psych nurse: thus a member of a narrow slice of a narrow slice of the nursing pie. Like nursing, Pinterest is both vast and quite diverse. It seems a great fit!

For users (if not, check it out!), my Pinterest user name is Big Red Carpet Nurse Greg, or gregmercer601

Eight of my Boards relate to nursing and/or this blog:

1) Big Red Carpet Nursing ,

2) BRC Nursing LearnGrowWin! ,

3) BRC Nursing Fun,

4) BRC Nursing Power,

5) BRC Nursing Mental Health,

6) BRC Nursing Quotes,

7) BRC Nursing Art, and

8) BRC Nursing Women.

Most of the pins aren’t available on my blog.

Can you think of anything I should add or change?

What other sites, if any, do you use to enhance and promote your blog? To gather material? For inspiration or ideas?

Any tips?

I’m all ears, err… eyeballs!

(For those interested in the picture: Pete Driessen © 2012. Stags at the Swing-Detail(Stags Interlocked). From Curled Toes/(Large SocioPolitical) Series of 4. 108×144 Inches. Acrylic/Gloss Acrylic Gel & Iridescent Tinting Mediums/Micaceous Iron Oxide/Modeling Paste/ Unstretched Canvas. Hangs from Grommets. Studio Photo. You can click HERE it to see more of Pete’s work.)


  1. I am so new to all of this and have yet to figure out how and why to add Pinterest-ing things to my blogs. Is the benefit to get more traffic to my Pinterest page? Or does it does it somehow get me more readers to my blog? Thank you in advance for indulging in my madness. And for your inspiring post! 🙂

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    1. Pictures make a big difference for readers, and they attract more attention. I’ve seen successful blogs that largely ignore pictures, but it’s a hard path. I like sharing pictures in of themselves as well. Thanks for commenting – Greg


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