Who Cares What Brian Williams Says? Not Me

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We read aloud to kids. Do we need Brian to read to us?
We read aloud to kids. Do we really need Brian to read to us?

So another TV anchor shamelessly lied to you. Fox News MOSTLY lies, routinely: it’s their number one product. I’m sure glad I get to skip all that trash!

I read news for myself. It’s MUCH faster than TV, and I get better information, without commercials, tired jokes, or bobbing heads. I started years ago. If you pick reasonably well – not hard – you can easily learn as much in 5 minutes reading as you could in an hour with anything on TV. News or any other information. I’d guess 30 minutes reading could beat TV all day.

TV news intentionally frightens and deceives more than it informs. Do you really want to see all those plane crashes, ugly murders, etc.? To hear all that bubble-headed chatter?Do you enjoy it? Do you have that much time to waste?

Once broken, it’s a habit you won’t miss.

Once and for all, you could forget all about lying Brian Williams and everyone like him.

Join us – it’s a nice way to live!


  1. Ha popped over her to take a peek and say thanks for finding and following my humble blog. Picked this post at random and bingo, my pet hate.I will not watch the 24 rolling disaster tributes. I think the images are damaging and they desensitise us. Lets have more positivity in the news. Sorry for therant and thanks for finding me, have a grereat week!

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  2. So Greg,

    Sounds like you value intellect as most important in life. your supposed mental brilliance leaves you board, arrogant when you speak to lower lives like me.

    Do you think happiness is contained in that shallow existence.

    You look to devalue others to hoist yourself. your a taker and not suited for being a healer, nurse or teacher.

    It is a travesty you corrupt young minds with your bully style approach to life and other human beings.

    On top of that Greg, let’s be honest, you would never have the courage to talk to another man face to face like this.

    You are probably a coward, you hide behind that degree and title.

    All of us have been around a teacher and nurse like you.

    You try to demean people and it gives you pleasure to insult others.

    Wow your a piece of work dude.

    Oh by the way. I hold a Bachelir of Science in Chemistry, was a profession athlete and had a successful working career

    But that Oakes to your brilliance

    I just do not understand why you have to condescend and try to destroy another with a different view.

    Do you treat your professor colleagues like this? Students? Patients?

    I run into few people who try to shame me like you Greg

    It is a character flaw


    1. You been angry and on the attack from your first comment and never stopped, and you make countless assumptions. You say how much interacting with me bugs you, yet you keep inviting more interaction. We know next to nothing about each other, clearly. I can only respond to what evidence I have. I can assure you in all honesty, I’m not looking to “destroy” anyone. Debate sometimes, yes. Yes, I have flaws, of course, and I make mistakes. We all do. Other than not liking me or my opinions – fair enough – what is your goal is all of this? What do you want?


  3. I generally “enjoy” watching Fox News more than the other MSM, but it doesn’t take long for me to get fed up with the political BS on ANY MSM channel over the last 5 or 6 years. Recently I’ve taken a liking to Al Jazeera America because it’s generally focused on topics outside of the U.S.. I don’t have cable/satellite at home (young kids, I have no need for it), so I’m forced to watch whatever everybody else at work wants to watch, which is usually Fox, CNN, or HLN (holy fucking shit!).

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    1. I’ve found the Economist pretty good for international news – whether you’re interested in the economic stuff or not. I end up seeing some TV news myself, the same way you do. I have always found it hard to ignore a television, so it bugs me a little. It’s popular stuff. Whattayyoufgonndo? Thanks for your comment – Greg


      1. I’ve wondered about business news, especially for investments. What are the odds, I wonder, that anything really advantageous gets braodcast to everyone? I’ve heard of people who actually do the opposite of what they say on TV. I’m clueless myself about such things. Thanks for your interesting comment – Greg


      1. From what I can discern from the media, Internet, a view that Fox News biggest asset is a lie, seems far left.

        Acting like a one side has no standing seems strange to me for an educator.

        Do you bring your far left beliefs into teaching.

        In an earlier post you were defending an article claiming Obamacare was working.

        Now I see where you find truths like that.

        Maybe half of the country might not want you for a nurse.

        You want to separate and isolate through politics go ahead.

        Thought this was a nursing blog

        You fooled me.


      2. You don’t like. I didn’t judge about the lies; others put in careful study. Some of us learn from inconvenient surprises, and others attack the source. The former helps you learn, the latter the opposite. I’m not particulary concerned with the judegment of those with poor judgement: it reflects the source, not me. If patients want an ignorant nurse who refuses to learn, good luck to them. And you. Not my worry.


      3. What a fabulous nurse you are.

        Must be proud, Condescend towards me yes, my ou are more intelligent, smarter, a healer correct.

        You must be proud


    1. Thanks for commenting! I could be wrong, it happens often enough, but as I recall I never compared the truth of sources, except for Fox as it’s been shown in multiple ways to be inferior as an information source. Maybe I should have left the line about Fox out, it was inflammatory to some I suppose. Thing is, it’s clearly true. Jesus? Prejudice? Not sure what you have to say, if anything. I only know English. Help me out.


      1. I never claimes that amy source is perfect, just that Fox is far more more imperfect. Show e evidence than a majority of the NYTs articles are lies, and then I’lll be interested. Until then, if you’re not concerned with learning, that’s your call. Good luck!
        Oh, and I’m curious. Do you judge a story “outrageous shit” because it’s untrue, or because you find it displeasing?


  4. You’d be hard pressed to find a Main Stream Media news outlet, print or television, that isn’t owned and controlled by Corporations and billionaires. Don’t be so hard on Fox, the NYT isn’t the grand old lady she used to be. I will say that of the two, you are going to get more insight and information from print media than television. Television is made for sound bites and headlines. It’s like the kiddie pool of news.

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    1. I agree there are no perfect sources. My comment on Fox is based on others’ research. Print is a superior medium for communicating ideas quickly. TV is better in some ways for entertainment & emotional impact. The kiddie pool: I like that one! Thanks -Greg


    1. Politicians are a whole other kettle of fish. I do remember. And many other pol tall tales. It doesn’t change my point. In fact, the sound bite superficial sensationalism of TV probably encourages dishonest bragging. It rewards it and does little to keep people honest.

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    1. I read widely. My most common sources are NYTIMES – I subscribe on w/es so have unlimited access online, and The Economist. Boston Globe sometimes, a shadow of its former self but local. Social media drags me to countless other venues. Books. Professional journals. And so on – I look to fit my needs and needs of basic citizenship. You absorb so much in so little time reading, just screwing around you can easily run circles around the TV crowd. TV offers so little, pretends it’s enough. Good luck.


    2. I use the New York TImes, a local paper, THe Economist for international news, The Atlantic, Harper’s, and many other sources I run into as links. Variety, I hope, helps balance out bias and such, but the main advantage is sheer speed. Without much effort – it’s a nice quiet break here and there – I end up knowing about lots of things that most people I run into have never heard of. TV news is pretty narrow and repetitive. Many times I just skim a headline and a little more perhaps: an instant spent and I’m at least aware of it.


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