A sale! Or two!

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I love the beak, and that warm yellow background!

Rama Ink.

I sold two paintings at the art walk.

To say I was/am thrilled, ecstatic, grateful, over the moon, would be an understatement. I was also stunned at the time, in shock. I was so engrossed in the experience of ‘showing’, that I didn’t even think about the selling part. My thought processes simply hadn’t gone that far. It came as a thunderbolt, though a most beauteous one.

I felt like an absolute fish out of water. Not unlike Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrel’s character in Taledega Nights.


What do I do with my hands?

After that first moment of wha’?….wha’?…thank goodness I gathered my wherewithal, enough at least, to thank the sweet lady who bought the Toucan painting. She was absolutely thrilled with it. And I was thrilled that she was thrilled! 😀


My dear friend, Nancy Gamon, bought the other one.


Speaking of whom….I bought this gorgeous necklace…

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  1. Nice Greg

    May I ask a question,

    When did radiology get elevated and protected like it has. They are not covered under insurance and get the 60% treatment of payment. Doctors read the X-rays. The technicians are low on the important scale on a hospital hierarchy.

    So how did they get such special treatment? They can not be forced to comply with current insurance plans.


    On another note, I had some tests done on 1/19, this morning before nine, peace health called looking for money. It has not even been a month and these are co pays for things Cigna did not cover.

    This seems to be getting more aggressive. Comcast even gives 30 days.

    Is this the way the public perceives its healers?

    Hospitals would be ashamed if their tactics were brought under scrutiny.

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    1. I’ve often heard of ruthless billing, sometimes to see if cash be had sooner than the insurance company offers. Very cynical. I’m told hospitals and providers sue patients more than the other way around, over bills. They routinely generate arbitrary numbers and attack your credit if you disagree. Radiology I know nothing about, but there are countless business deals, it’s all hard to follow and often kept hidden from patients. What a plan covers is meaningless if they’re willing to simply say “You don’t need it,” a massive conflict of interest that should be banned, but is protected. In all, we don’t have a health care system in America. We have lots of health care islands organized into a profit system, and profits and clealry priority one. Good luck and thanks for commenting – Greg


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