Ten Nurse Blog Carnival Gems

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Nurse Blog Carnival   The Nerdy Nurse

As I announced Yesterday, I’ve started plowing through all those great Nurse Blog Carnival posts.  It’s snow day number two in a row for me, I live for shoveling and naproxen and writing lately, so I’ve made some progress: about three months worth! I’m even getting my PC up to speed for blogging, as my daughter Lily has taken over my beloved (less so than Lily!) Macbook.

Below I discuss ten of my favorites so far, all from 2013 but still quite useful and relevant for nurses today:


1) A Soft Landing for New Nurses by Nurse Keith discussed an important topic for all nurses: giving the new grads a proper welcome, support, and a smooth start. “Eating Our Young” is the mindset and behavior of dinosaurs, not professionals. It recklessly endangers patients and makes all of us look like bitter jerks. Let’s do better!

2) New Grad: Advice to Help You Succeed At Your First Job by Kevin Ross. Although the title says otherwise, I found Kevin’s advice useful for new jobs, not just the first one. A strong first impression is a HUGE advantage for the entire duration of a job.

3 & 4) Elizabeth Scala made a great case for building our nursing community with RN Collaboration: A Way for RN Evolution. She also listed the rewards in Top Ten Benefits of Nursing Relationships.

5) Jerome Stone offered Meditation for Nurses, A Natural Evolution for Nursing. I first trained in meditation at Harvard Medical School with Dr Herbert Benson, author of The Relaxation Response. The school wanted to help us withstand stress and survive our training. It sure helps! Patients often appreciate it too.

6 & 7) Lorie Brown made a great case for ending “Eating Our Young” once and for all with Why Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

The Gypsy Nurse also offered her perspective. Such behavior taints poisons nursing and its reputation, yet remains common. Nurses are (supposed to be) caring problem solvers. We get it done, right? If we haven’t cured this social disease, it’s because we haven’t bothered, not because we can’t. We CAN. Let’s get to it!  We can each help make strong support for each other mandatory and end this plague, or we can refuse and hold back our entire profession: these are the only two choices available. How do you choose? 

8) Joyce Fiodembo offered How to Relate More Easily With Your Coworkers as a Minority Nurse.  She even discussed male nurses, the oddest minority of all!

9) Joyce Harrell  offered Creating a Genshai Nursing Culture, applying an ancient idea that shows great promise for all efforts to improve nurses’ live and work today.

10) Brittney Wilson offered 5 Excellent Books Written For Nurses and By Nurses


There we have it, my favorites among all the posts written for the Carnival as of 10/2013. I hope you enjoy and benefit from them, AND I hope they generate some useful discussion and connections among nurses.

Never forget, folks,

Nurses Rock!

– Greg


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