Open Letter To Express Scripts

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Read this post unless you want to be a victim. Read it. My comment is on the post.


  1. Hello! I just wanted to come by today and thank you for reblogging this. Because of you and a few others, er have gotten the attention of Express Scripts and they are at least taking a second look at it. Who knows where it will go from here, but at least they know their decisions have some consequences.

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  2. It is not just billing. It is a scam, we have no choice

    Radiology, emergency doc and labs, are separate, out of plan services.

    Yes they are in the same room, same hospital. We have no choice, insurance only pays around 60% of their bill.

    They are far more aggressive as radiology in collections.

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    1. We have a profit system that took over health care while we watched. The corruption and excess are unprecedented: larger by themselves than any other nation’s entire health care budget. People argue over who gets to distribute and receive all the loot; few seem interested in attacking the corruption itself. No surprise : reform would hurts lots of very wealthy people. Not easy!

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      1. You are in the belly of the beast and the true healers.

        Let me ask you, in a small city like this only two hospitals and they have sued you,

        What do these doctors think about their karma.

        My next visit to an emergency room will have some harsh words for them.

        Shit they are not healers anyway and we all die but they can kiss my ass.

        Many feel like me. I have watched them destroy my daughter.

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  3. Great work Greg.

    The local hospital here has garnished my daughter, a single mom with three kids under six,so that she had to quit her career at the research center. Two days before Christmas Radiology associates served us papers late one evening.

    How in the hell could you choose a job delivering news like that. Must be desperate.

    Here are a couple of articles. This shit is starting to get the light of day.

    The hospitals here are the biggest collection hounds in town by far. Mthe same emergency room doc trying to save your life will throw you out on the street for his money six months later.

    Healers they are not. Gillian’s they are becoming.

    If you enter a hospital for a stay, there are more than one bill collectors coming at you. Nradiology, emrgency room doctors, maybe labs and anesthesiologists are not included in our insurance policies.

    After my stay with Guillian Beret, I had three bills to pay or create payment plans for.

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  4. I like that you are helping others to better relate to their patients. I am a Case Manager for ID people. It is difficult at times to deal with the families of my clients, who expect more than their loved ones can use. I try daily to build strong communication ad solid relationships. The problem is when they become attached t the case managers. In this field there is a high job turnover because the work is demanding and low salaried. I know it can be frustrating to the families, but it is a reality of life.

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