Neanderthals Among Us

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Neanderthals went extinct?
I meet them all the time.
You can’t tell by looks. No. Listen for their signature language, the words that show their fear and contempt for adaptation, innovation, change.
They didn’t go extinct, they just got left so far behind by others moving forward… They find jobs, it seems, but they never create jobs. Create? That’s the Neanderthal word for evil.

Some of their tired clichés – their honored wisdom never questioned, ever (by Neanderthals):

We do it that way because…
“… that’s the way we do it,” period.
“… that’s how we’ve always done it.”
“… I don’t have time for this.”
“… Who are you to question?”

All change is risk and effort, and all risk and all effort are bad. Every single time. That’s Neanderthal!

Neanderthals: the ultimate reactionaries! If they had their way, we’d still be sitting cold in caves. Fire sounds like such a risky bother…


  1. Uhhm actually there is a residue of Neanderthal DNA in modern humans, some of them, so Neanderthals haven’t actually died out; I got your satirical metaphor, very funny, but it’s literally true. I’m throwback myself and I personally thin the move from hunter gathering was bad, I honestly do… so I might have Neanderthal DNA.. Here’s a site with the Neanderthal DNA info

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