Have you ever felt handcuffed to your house?

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Social isolation is both a contributor to mental illness, and a consequence. Stigma adds much difficulty and pain and fear and shame to a life already burdened with an unfair share of all of the above. To the extent that we attack the pervasive isolation in modern life, and erode stigma with open minds and open conversation, we can make countless lives that much better.


  1. This is my future? Yuck – Home bound and with a disability, I can only hope that I can reach my goals. General depression, medications, physical therapy is a crummy way to live life. I think goal setting and support from others to reach and obtain your goals is an important factor for recovery. Certainly goal setting and support clearly isn’t a cure all. However it is a great start!

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    1. I’ve knowns LOTS of people wiht chronic mental illnesses over the years, form work and elsewhere. Far more often than many suffers imagine, life gets much better in time. Whatever builds up your supports and other resources help your odds. Whatever builds up your overall health and fitness also helps. Refusing to five up and settle on inadequate treatment also helps. For many people, it’s not that they’re untreatable, it’s that treaters so far have failed to help. VERY different! – Greg

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