Illusion, and the Greatest Mystery in the Universe

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A simple, obvious technique, and yet so effective!

Click HERE to look at a photo and please tell me what you think.

It fascinates me that your conscious mind knows what’s happening. Yet your unconscious mind, the visual processing & interpretation areas we don’t notice but depend on so heavily for sight, those areas can’t let go of a perspective that we know – it’s so obvious! – is false.

We’re in charge of our minds, and yet not. We have some power in the capital of our mind/nation, the consciousness I mean, but even there thoughts and feelings and impressions come unbidden, often completely against our will. Often, for no clear reason: who decides what gets sent, and how? Outside the capital, there is a vast jungle, where all that unconscious processing happens. There, we have only the faintest, vaguest clue about what’s happening, mostly judging from what appearing out of the mists into the capital. Yet it too, that vast, dark, shrouded jungle, all of it, that too is US. A stranger, a mystery, and yet us. Like extra limbs we can’t see or feel, but do things for us, unasked, all the time. Each of us, all of us, humanity: such a deep mystery, and yet so familiar too.


Aren’t we lucky to have the most fascinating, mysterious objects in the know universe all around us: billions of them, no two alike, and yet so much in common too? We try to figure each other out, even as we can’t figure ourselves out.



  1. well put – we in the present tense are the focus of the torch in our minds in the jungle that lights up a shrub – but the other we are the jungle itself in the dark where winds blow, fragrances flow, forest fires rage, branches move, and where many animals roam and angels too – when we are lighting our momentary torch focused on our thoughts we CANNOT shut out all the rest that is happening in the vast jungle of our other minds and so – we get disturbed as the torch holder with the sounds of the jungle – makes sense?

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