Work is Tough! Teamwork Helps

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Work is tough!

Sometimes it seems overwhelming, hopeless. How in the world will you ever get it done?

The workers iabove have a job like that, but they seem to take it in stride.

They seem to live to work and nothing else, in fact.

Frankly, I’m both impressed and really happy I got lucky. Human, AND a nurse!

What’s work like for you? Any metaphor comes to mind?


  1. I have a true appreciation for you in your line of work, Greg. Without nurses supporting the medical system, there would be no system. This is especially true in the pysch ward. I tip my hat to you Greg, and thank you for what you do. Cheers 🙂

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    1. I’ve been there, and I’ve changed jobs as a result. More staff than patients: I give patients a free pass, usually, in terms of whether it bothers me what they say.
      I’ve also learned over the years how to build up my own enthusiasm and make it obvious, and it rubs off on people – it helps.


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