I Decide to Matter. Are You Sheep, or More?

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(Pic via Google: sheep images free )
Role model? Not if you seek success! (Pic via Google: sheep images free )

I do what I can for everyone, myself included.

I try my best to give, help, inspire, entertain, learn, grow, apply.

I teach, help, tell. It’s fun! It matters.

I will die soon… in the big picture, soon. We all will. That’s reality; it doesn’t compromise or bargain.

We do well to remind ourselves often of this truth that mostly, we usually ignore.

Time wasted is life lost. Forever!

In the end, time and life are all we have, and only so little. Then it’s gone: soon!

The rest we have cannot buy much more time. So little! Does it matter in the end?

A request: let’s focus on what really matters, not the other usual crap on which we usually lavish our time,

For no real gain. We spend our most precious coin – time – on so much worthless crap, often for no better reason than it seems the seem to do at the time. Crap! That’s the sheep’s reasoning. Who cares what the thing to do was, later? Anyone? Yet the time is gone, forever. Gone. Too bad, sheep, too bad.

Live and learn, hopefully,

Live and learn, grow, apply.

What you leave behind in the end is nothing of the crap you thought was oh so important at the time, because it was trendy, important to the other sheep around you and the TV sheep.

What you leave behind is your legacy. What will it be? Will you matter at all in time? More than the sheep?

Pay it some attention, or all you’ll leave behind is what a sheep leaves behind: meat and bones. Rot, then nothing.

Not much! Does such satisfy you?

Does it?

Will you act on it, or will you play the sheep, ignore such thoughts until you play the sheep, deceased?

Does it matter?

Do you doubt it? Really? Really?!?

I don’t.


  1. In the end we are nothing, ashes, dust and the bio-chemical components that have made us function when we “lived”. So it’s really up to the individual what do and make of the time and and experience. I AM nothing because I am everything (profound? lol!)

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