Surgeons and Student Drivers

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Here’s a thought that occured to me following behind a student driver:
You know the experience: 30 mph limit, they’re going 15, doing every little thing s l o w l y….
They’ll get it all in time, of course.
It’s not like we keep them seriously sleep deprived for the first few years, right? That would be crazy!

They might mess up & kill somebody.


  1. I don’t drive. I don’t have a license either. I never took the test, but I had 85, yes that’s 85 lessons, but decided that I was crap at driving and decided to save myself and others from danger on the road. I cycle most places, Exeter UK is a good place for that too. Yeah I was that slow crawling learner in the car in front.

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    1. Not much TV… I can crank out text quick at times, too. It’s not as time-consuming as it seems, especially in that I have tears of material I never posted. That helps! Lately, I’ve also shifted to shorter posts: it helps! In that I can’t tell which ideas will work well, it seems to make sense. I love ieeas, reading, writing, but the comments really make it all worthwhile – Thanks!
      – Greg

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