Should Nurses Run Health Care?

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Three Hair, Greg's logo.  He votes yes!
Three Hair, Greg’s logo.
He votes yes!

Think on it a bit.
Docs have had generations at it, running the show.

Other than generating wealth & partial immunity for themselves, how have they done?


Nurses have stayed the most trusted profession, year after year.


Time for some fresh thinking from the pros who have edited docs’ orders for errors, lethal and otherwise, year after year?

Why not?

What do you think?


    1. Fair enough! All those details though. As matters stand, we have less a health care system than lots of pieces, run by a profit system, putting profits first. Docs have become far more deeply enmeshed in the profit system than nurses.


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  2. I think it is certainly something that needs to be fairly discussed, and if a case is made, then implemented. I’m not all that certain all doctors would oppose such a plan.


    1. To be honest, nurses already do play a role. I even know a nurse who runs a hospital! But we could do far more, especially with better training. By the nature of our work, we tend to think big picture far more than any other group in a hospital. We have to, leading or not.


  3. I think nurses certainly deserve more credit than they get, and in general cases, they probably should be running the show. But I’ve had some specialist doctors who just know too much about their specialty to be in the back seat.

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  4. Collegial Interactive communicative teams are now becoming a reality in the Medical Industry. The more the collegial approach is utilized the less errors are made. and as you know an medical error can cost lives. give a one hour credited course on collegila interactive communication and teams. But for years I have been teaching it as Co-equal Interactive communication and teams. I learned it years ago in the Airline industry and used it in the ministry as well.

    some of my thoughts and teaching can be found at


  5. We need more nurses who are willing to help change the legislature and nursing policy in order to help advance nursing scope of practice, especially when it comes to the scope of APRNs! With a large need for “more doctors” in the foreseeable future, I think the gap can help to be filled with advanced practice nurses, but only if some states change their legislature and allow them to practice to their full capability. Nurses are healers, critical thinkers, empathetic people. We focus on the person, not the diagnosis- if this was the philosophy of medicine, we probably would be a much healthier people.


  6. The healers are,the nurses people. Collection agencies are hired by the hospitals,,doctors, radiology not nurses.

    Corporations own the hospital,here, double digit profits in the midst of short staffing and other cuts.

    Doctors do not consider themselves healers anymore.

    Government, and insurance companies have created so much red tape and bs that doctors have time limits for each patient.

    If you have figured out the time each patient gets before the day starts, you are not a healer.

    Doctors have careers, a financial property, not being a healer.

    Nurses take the brunt of all this and spend the time,my ring all,the emotional,support that healthcare offers.


  7. I think it is high time for Nurses to truly manage the patient care. We can guide, direct and educate. Of course nurses cannot actually prescribe, diagnose for the patient but we can certainly be more of a true patient advocate. We see it every single day where patients fall through the cracks. Why are there more nurses manage the patient cares? Why are insurance companies the ones making it so difficult for the patient to receive coordinated care? Nurses should be true Case Managers and let us direct how the patient receives care. All we are is a signature with a license to sign off on many of their papers. I feel insurance companies are dictating far too much and the patients lose in so many areas.


    1. Nurses can run hospitals, and some do. You needn’r write prescriptions to run the whole show, and docs haven’t shown themselves so capable as to preclude being replaced.

      Thanks for taking som much time and effort! – Greg


    1. I’m interested in getting care done. Not so much in managing liability. If doing good by patients isn’t enough, then I’ll be a sad nurse. Docs offer us no answer on that question. Too self-serving.


      1. Nonsense. We tell ourselves such things to evade responsibility. Founders created our sytem befroe there were parties, let olaong lobbyists, who thrive when the electorate falls asleep. People start participating nd lobbyist power fades, They can’t buy votes, nd votes amount to who has a job. Votes are power.


      2. What’s the incumbent reelection rate?

        Right now, lobbyests write most of the laws. Some like Obamacare don’t even get read.

        I wish more people voted, and I wish more were informed voters.

        I think medical care in the US, and twice recently I have been close to death, is nearly miraculous.

        Still I wonder about the true cost of something that if I have insurance might cost $1,000 and if I don’t the same procedure might cost $4,000. The market forces for medicine seem to have been circumvented.


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