10 Answers: Why aren’t All My Posts about Nursing?

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Qmark by the Italian voice Flickr
Qmark by the Italian voice Flickr

Why indeed.

I offer a nursing blog, yet most of its posts say nothing about nurses or nursing.

What’s up with  that?

I offer these explanations,  all honest and true:

1) I’m a nurse, absolutely. Yet…

2) I’m not “JUST a nurse”, that sad old phrase you hear from nurses too often, especially those sad, and old.

3) I don’t believe in categories of humans. They’re lies. We’re all human, ALL OF US,  with far more in common than all the stuff we find to divide ourselves into opposing teams.

4) Such team divisions include patient versus treaters, and sick versus well. More harm has come from such arbitrary labels than most of us ever consider. We’re all people, and we mostly think alike, ARE alike.

5) In an age of glorified specialization, I refuse to limit myself. I’m a Renaissance Man born in a rather hostile era, it seems. Specialization is for insects, however rich & influential they may become. I insist on my humanity, and my identity. My voice, my values. My choice. No regrets.

6) Nurses are great as is, no doubt. To move forward – the only alternative is to get left behind – we must learn and grow. I see tremendous resources available, outside of nursing, with which to enrich and advance our profession. Those who move forward and adapt best will own the future. I want to own the future, and fellow nurses to enjoy the same. Why not? Docs had their time, and they left us a bloated, chaotic mess. Time for fresh blood, perhaps? We’ve edited their work long enough without credit… Time to step and lead, I think.

7) I learn, adapt, grow as I go. My blog reflects me.

8) Why limit yourself?  There are advantages to wearing blinders, I can see that, but blinders aren’t for me. Again, my blog reflects me.

9) For better or worse, I am myself and I offer myself. What’s better than that?

10) I invite your ideas, responses.
I live to learn, and learning is how I serve others best.
Thanks, all!


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  2. As a cancer survivor, I get asked why I don’t always post about cancer all the time, so I understand. Our careers and experiences may always be part of us, but they do not define us. If sticking to a niche is the way to have your writing seen, I for one would rather be unseen.

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  3. Well said! Too many people identify themselves as their profession. It’s so limiting.
    Thank you for following our blog! I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.


  4. You are wise, what would happen if you found yourself no longer able to practice nursing? What would you be/do? That’s basically what happened to me and with no “self” left I ended up attempting suicide. It has been a very hard road (and yes I had other challenges) – just saying – you are more than what you do. You are definitely on the right track.


    1. That’s how I left medicine, or medical schhool in any case. Suicide. In my case, I wandered a (long) while, found nursing. I imagine, if I had to, I could do it once again. Teaching of some form, I’d guess. Must say, I’m glad not to have to! It was long and hard…

      Thanks for your input and support! – Greg

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      1. As you can see a lot of my blog is about mental health and stuff but I am hoping to expand MY horizons a bit too (just had a funny thought, just like your, “You’re a nurse, why aren’t you talking about nursing!” They could ask me, “You’re a nut, why aren’t you talking about mental health!” lol…

        Thanks Greg 🙂


      2. I have a significant mentla health history myself, more than most people. I don’t let it box me into a category like “nut.” We need to discuss such issues far, far more , so that we can eliminate such stigma. I’m not a big fan of boxes… – Greg


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