My Response to Evil in Paris

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I punish the Pen with my Sword or Gun c/o Pink Floyd
I punish the Pen with my Sword or Gun
c/o Pink Floyd

I try to avoid politics on this blog: I have other avenues for that.

Today, though, I feel compelled to raise my voice, such as it is.

In response to the recent killings in Paris: if you’ve manage to miss it somehow, CLICK HERE.

Evil men, apparently offended by comics they’d seen although the details have not yet been confirmed, killed a number of journalists as they worked.

I’ve seen some of the comics, and it’s hard to imagine many as anything but quite offensive to those they attack. These artists had strong opinions and they made them widely known. Fearless, really. They’re dead now.

Offended by their work? As I said, fair enough, I’m hardly surprised.

Most TV news offerings, and much on the internet and elsewhere, offend me. I’ve no plan to kill anyone. That would be both stupid and EVIL.

When offense leads to murder, I have no sympathy for the cause, the rationale, the feelings. I don’t care, honestly, about the passion or sincerity of the offense, the feelings. Killers destroy such considerations as they destroy their victims. They indulged their passion, and they have thrown away any consideration for their motivations with their evil actions. Actions have costs. I only hope that France’s criminal justice system maintains its ethical and legal standards. Ask Americans: police killings and miscarriages of justice only add to the evil. It’s a bad path leading to no good. We must resist evil, fight evil, not add more, however tempting such becomes. No more.

I may be wrong, of course. It happens often enough, and I’m hardly free of emotions. I won’t kill anyone over my feelings, and hopefully no one will kill me over it. Hopefully we won’t judge large swaths of humanity for the actions of a few. A billion Muslims did not kill anyone in Paris, or anywhere else. Most killed none, ever. Let’s focus our wrath on the right targets. Overgeneralization and bad aim leads to gazillions of dollars and thousands of lives thrown away, say in Iraq. Focus your wrath, temper your actions, or you add to the evil. Choose well. Fair enough?

Evil walks the earth and we must watch for it and fight it. Stamp it out. Refuse to become poisoned by it or lose hope. However often it takes. Forever, perhaps. Adult reality doesn’t allow for Happily Ever After, does it?

Still, don’t add to the evil, as we do so often.

We can do better.


  1. Good point of view, let’s hope they’re listening. It’s just too easy to swing wild and hit whoever gets in the way, and when you’re angry, it even seems right. What we all need right now, is time to think, before we react.


  2. Nice read on the subject. Stereotyping is so damn easy when one wants to support their cognitive dissidence, as example not all Muslims would kill non believers I do hope as all Texans support he KKK.


  3. I like your response to this horrific event. It’s so devastating to realize how much hate and evil exists in the world. Whenever things like this happen, I can’t help but think of my favorite Martin Luther King, Jr. quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


      1. Not for me. It’s all daunting, yes. Perspective helps. In the Dark Ages, a Pope launched a Crusade for no other reason than to conivnce many thousands of killers to leave Europe: imagine that! It went on for generations, random killing as the norm, not the exception. We’ll survive, somehow.

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      2. Yes. Religion is the answer. Let’s have another war. (Sorry for the sarcasm).
        We don’t seem to have learnt very much from history.
        Life goes on. We can do better. We can smile at the next person we see. Doesn’t it all start at home. Love thy neighbour. It begins now. 🙂


      3. By no means to I mean to propose religion as the answer. Power corrupts, religions included. I’m Deist, actually. Churches are about following people, not for me. Still, I’m glad not to have starving armies roaming around killing and robbing etc., year after year!

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  4. Thank you for this excellent post. “A billion Muslims did not kill anyone in Paris, or anywhere else. Most killed none, ever. Let’s focus our wrath on the right targets.” Amen


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