Live Each Day As It’s Your Last: Really?

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This gem has bugged me for a long time.
The intention is nice: live life to the fullest, sort of.
It sounds great, doesn’t it? Like many popular chains of words do, it sounds fantastic, really it does, until you consider what it it actually says.
If today is my last day ever…
Why plan?
Why take any responsibility?
Why learn, grow, work, invest, think?
It’s time to indulge, go crazy, build debts you’ll never need to pay, right?
Etc, etc.
Each day?
That sounds like the way millions of us live already. No future.
Woo hoo!
But there IS another day, usually.
Another day of drift and debts and regrets, getting older a day at a time without getting anywhere but deeper in a hole. Cool!

It’s spectacular, really, just how successful this line has been, and persistent too, when it’s SO TOTALLY WRONG!!! Truly, deeply awful advice, unless it really is the last day of human existence…

Relax. It’s not.

Whenever you encounter pretty words, try something different.
Before you accept them whole like a small child sucking down candy, think a moment. What does it really say, this pretty phrase? Anything useful? Anything at all?

Thinking works, it really does!
We could use rather more of it,
We really could…


  1. I agree, in some ways this sentiment is sound advice and not be complacent about making every day count. But when it is used a like an excuse to toss responsibility, or escape accountability, it only harms self and all those around us.


    1. It seem to me the sort of language we see all around us, that seems to mean one thing, but only until you pay it a little attention, and then it means something else entirely. It’s just that paying attention, thinking indeed, is not especially common or popular. Alas…
      Thanks for taking the time! – Greg


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