Death In Paris

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We must all stand against insane evil, or we will drown in it.

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World’s cartoonists react to the attack in Paris……..please check them out!

This one is a fave of mine……simple but powerful comment!

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  1. A great description my brother. I knew we had something in common, except I just tell people I’m non-denominational. They tend to understand that a little easier. But if you are talking precisely, Deist.


  2. Hello, I’m honestly not sure picture was published that caused this, but I have searched Charlie Hebdo and they do have disrespectful pictures of everyone.
    Anyway, I wanted to clarify that those who killed, do not respesent Islam, nor is Islam to blame for what happened. Those people should be blamed for their actions. Killing is forbidden in Islam; muslims cannot punish people for their actions, that’s God’s job. So he who killed, killed for his own pleasure to revenge.
    You see, muslims are humans and they’re not perfect and some of them are taught the Islam in the wrong way. Those who really do know Islam are civilized and they understand that punishing that person is not their job, all they can do is ask the magazine kindly to stop disrespecting Islam.
    However, more often than not people decide to take matters in their own hands, regardless of the rules and consequences.
    I honestly can not say that what the writers were doing was something I accepted, and the reaction to it as well was definitely unacceptable.

    I just wish people read the Qur’an before making assumptions about Islam. It won’t take long if you’re a reader. I do have a link with the translation and detailed commentary if anyone’s interested.

    May God protect all from our wrongful judgements and actions.


    1. I hoped to make the same point. I do not blame the many for the few, nor the religion for the decisions of the few. Religions do not kill or act. People do, for their own reasons. I have plent of experience with the awful ways peole distort Christianity to serve theie own hateful interests, and I imagine all religions have the save problem. Human nature, alas. Lots of people choose to see otherwise, often out of ignorance, but also also often not caring about facts, just wanting to win points any way possible. Sad but clearly true. I’ve read the Qur’an in the past, and do not blame Islam for such acts. I DO blame the killers. Thanks for your feedback – Greg

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      1. I’ve never heard of Deism before, I’ll search about it and I hope you find truth and God’s path and guidance.
        There’s something I’ve written about religions and I wish it could be read by the world. That is why I didn’t publish it here.

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