Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens?

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People should keep in mind that surgeries rarely have any the kind of controlled evidence of benefit and safety that we absolutely mandate of all medicines before they may go on sale in the US. ANY. When controlled studies have been done , some very clearly ‘known’ benfits of routine operations have turned out to be comepletely imaginary, it seems.


  1. A very interesting article Greg. Very informative. I enjoyed reading it but since I’ve never had to suffer with a weight problem and enjoy the ability to eat whatever I want without gaining weight, I think it would be best to withhold any comment.


    1. Drastic and lazy.put me under and fix me while I sleep seems the model. Tbere are always plenty of surgeons not at all influenced by the tremendous wealth they gather, they insist contrary to everything we know of human nature, willing to try.


      1. Although I’m not a teen, and would agree to an extent that many teens would have this outlook I kind of resent your “drastic and lazy” assumption. I have a lapband and I assure you the device itself does not do the fixing. Working your ass off after surgery and using it as a tool does.

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