Sheep and People

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Sheep are herd animals.

They stick to groups, make few decisions, live with more fear than thought or joy.

They react, otherwise waiting for instructions.

They live at the pleasure of whoever owns or hunts them, and die when others decide.

That’s their life.

Is it yours?

Many people aspire in effect to become good sheep: fit in, be “normal,” keep up with the neighbors, buy the latest fashions, say what the news people and magazine gurus tell them to, focus on decreasing or increasing their butt size, depending on the latest trends, leave remarkably little distinct impression behind when they die, train their children to do the same.

That’s their life.

One difference.

Sheep don’t have much of a choice, really.

People aren’t sheep.

UNLESS they make themselves into sheep.


Do you?

What animal(s) do you emulate, and why?


  1. Being a sheep is possibly the ultimate idea of horror for me, and I hope I continue on my journey without being one!
    My Bipolar kind of splits me in to two – my Wolf – my life ruining side of me who can’t get help herself from getting her and others in to trouble, and my black dog – who symbolises my depression. As i’m finally stablising between the two, I havent yet come to terms with who ‘i’ really am.


  2. I don’t know what I am. I mean, I guess you could call me human just by the looks of me. But I am made up of a gazzillion other little beings that all work together really well. These little funguses, bacteria, yeastie-beasties, viruses, human cells all work together most of the time, I feel like I am just one being. It amazes me that I can string all the thoughts and feelings I have through the day into something I call me….Maybe I am crazy? How does this constantly changing eco-system called me, keep track of me? Seriously 0_0


    1. It really does make you wonder, doesn’t it, what “me” means any more, when such a complex community of organisms live on and in a person, and often playing crucial roles? Not crazy. All the scientific findings pouring in have made things complicated: can be rather unsettling and confusing.

      Thanks for your participation.

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