Ask a Stranger About their Psych Experience?

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Have you ever asked a total stranger if they have a psychiatric illness, or know anyone who does?

Turns out,  I do exactly that, often.

Not in so many words. I just mention I work on an inpatient psych unit.

As it turns out,  it’s a very effective invitation for disclosure.

A guy at a bar, total stranger,  told me all about folks he knows who attend such places from time to time. He was confident that’s why they’re still alive.

I agreed.


  1. hmm…i’m gunna take a step for myself and say i used to struggle with mental limitations….but I was lucky enough to mostly recover. i dismiss my imperfections as mere humanness.

    From my experience, where I’m from….this type of thing can prevent you from being hired or having people talk to you like your normal. But maybe one day we can reduce the skewed stigma


      1. I just give a little information about my interests, and lots of people open up. Strikingly quickly and readily! It seems an area lots of people have much pent up stuff they’re eager to discuss with a friendly, safe other.


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