Find the Funny. Find it!!!

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Here’s a quick tip:

As often as possible, more often than you’re used to doing, find the funny stuff, the absurd,  the ridiculous,  the nonsensical. Look! It’s all around you. The world is LOADED with such material. Humanity is the most laughable species in the known universe…

Smile, laugh, enjoy. Relish it that way, even when it makes you sad or angry at the same time. Laugh at it all! Laugh at me. Laugh at yourself.

What’s the alternative,  really? Despair, rage, hate. Getting old before your time. Stiff, bitter, hurting…

Which option makes the world better, keeps you going to fight the good fight?

Laugh! Force it, even. Fake it until you start laughing at your own stupid laughter. You will, soon enough, if you get over your silly ego and work at it a bit. Once you’ve tried it – a real try – notice how you feel. It feels good.  Alive!

Fun opens up energy inside, ideas, resources: deep powers available no other way.

And it’s FUN. Don’t tell me you need no more fun. I don’t buy it. Do you, really?



  1. I went to a chronic pain clinic a few years ago and it changed my life. The first thing they say is “we are not here to take your pain away. If we could you wouldn’t be here. What we do is help you to live better with it.” In one of the last sessions they taught us “Laughter Aerobics”. At first it was dumb – making certain (gentle) arm or body movements while forcing a laugh (HaHaHaHa). But as we got into it the laughter came easier, we were more relaxed and could feel the tension and pain in our bodies lessen. So I really do appreciate this post!

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    1. Thanks! I attended a training in laugh therapy once. We were basically offered various ways to act goofy and force ourselves to laugh. Soon enough, it becomes infectious and you’re laughing at laughter. Felt so good in the end!
      Laughter heals, and it makes life better when there is nothing to heal. Both.

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  2. Next time you’re on an airplane, look under that seat that is supposed to be a flotation device in the event of a water landing. I’ll bet the first thing you see is a tag that says, “New material, do not get wet!?” Lol.

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