A Holiday Question

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For those of us caught up in the Christmas season one way or another, a simple question:

When you think of it all ending soon,
How do you feel about it?

Any anticpation of relief?


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    A sense of relief and slight sadness as we probably won’t all be together again like this until Christmas next year… Happy Holidays! X


  2. A sigh of relief is always available in my house. I love the season, I love preparing the gifts and I love the time with my children, but I am always ready for things to be “normal” again.


  3. Dealing with family that is better for me to not be around is toughest for me. I always think it will get easier, but it doesn’t. I have however learned to not let their sh*t get to me as much. And I make an extra effort to be grateful for all the good in my life and that helps a lot!

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  4. I love December because of these holidays and all the work i have to do for them (holidays).. It is time consuming, we spend a lot, but somehow all people are happy.. I feel the positivity and hope..

    When they end, somehow people get back to normal life.. There still a bit hope (for the first two months), however January is a long month (and many time we struggle financially)..

    Me personally dont love the ending of December.. no matter how tired I’m I miss this positivity, I miss seeing people hopeful, determined and humanitarian


  5. I am not good at celebrations. I love and honour the “true meaning of Christmas” but just get stressed with gifts and food and where are we going to go. This year is better (as outlined in my latest blog post), but I can’t wait until January 1st when I take down all the decorations and get back to whatever normal is 🙂


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