The Two Races in America

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Any thoughts? Nurses need to bring ethics into situations that punish you for paying attention to ethics. That’s the meat and soul of ethics, where the rubber hits the road, exactly the place where it gets risky and frightening. Otherwise, your ethics are pretend, purely-academic for-show-only ethics, no better than none at all, in fact arguably worse than none at all, for making insincere noises otherwise. Fake shows of ethics and outright evil are on t b email same team, really. The only difference is that overt evil is the more honest of the two. If nurses stand for something more than a paycheck, then we have no choice but sound ethics. Your choice? Choose well….

Shot in the USA: Gun Violence After Newtown

b Müller

There are two races in America. The race I’m running is the 100m. It’s tiring (I didn’t bother training properly), it’s intense but if I keep hauling my bones along eventually I’ll get to the end. Even if I don’t, someone can probably help or carry me over the line. I’ll need to make a big effort, at the end I’ll be short of breath and exhausted, but I will have run the race.

But next to me there’s another race going on. From high above the stadium, in the TV blimp or police helicopter, both races look pretty much the same in a bird’s eye view. But come down closer until you can see the faces of the runners and feel the texture of the track: These two races are different.

The race next to me is the 110m hurdles. It is slightly longer. It is harder fought…

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