So surreal….

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So the funeral and all the what not around it was actually nice, got to see lots of relatives and some old haunts from my childhood. Sad, too. Of course.

On the way back I had less energy & drive than I’d had on the way out: wasn’t up to another 14 hour straight through coming back. So I stopped for the night in Erie, ironically next to a casino, where I had dinner.

Here’s the surreal part. This wasn’t any James Bond Monte Carlo casino, this was Erie, PA. I was still wearing a black suit from the funeral. All the other customers are living deep in the casual end of the fashion pool, very deep. So I look like what? An employee, it finally occurs to me after some hypercasual dude asks me how to cash in his points or some such.

A funeral, a long drive, and a stint as an accidentally fake casino staffer, all in one day…


Such is life, mine at least, today at least.
P.S. : I learned something from all the young kiddos at the funeral. How do we live forever? Easy: through the kiddos, right? Through the kiddos…


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