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I will not likely be very blog-active for the rest of this week.

My Aunt passed away, and soon I start a drive to western Ohio. 16 hours, perhaps: I’m planning on making it take rather less. We’ll see.

I read somewhere not long ago that funerals are becoming the new family reunions. It stinks just how true that has become. It stinks that I have allowed it to become true. Stinks!

You have all the time in the world. Then it’s too late. Just like that. It stinks!

Not a good week…


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    1. Aunt Doris was a force of nature dressed in red… I can only offer you my appreciation for your thoughfulness, and my hope to offer reality and humanity more of the same, my strident demand for more of the same, RED and for the good of all. What more dare I ask, really?


  2. Sorry for your loss.

    I also think that it sucks that someone has to die before everyone comes together. But maybe this would be a good lesson for all of us right? I am one for family reunions and am so lucky that the ones in my family organize them annually. I hope you guys start that, too.

    Have a safe journey!


  3. I like the post, not the stinkiness of the fact that reunions these days reunions are taking place at funerals.

    God speed…..er don’t speed……… I’m cop.


  4. That is true in my military circle of friends. Once you get a chance to share memories about her, hopefully that will make her passing easier. So sorry for your loss and safe travels.


  5. Hi Greg –

    Sorry for your loss–death is hardest this time of year.

    I’m from NW Ohio … what parts are you traveling to? I graduated from Wayne Trace in Paulding County. I moved many years ago, but whenever I see someone mention NW Ohio I assume they’re going to see someone I know.

    Again, sorry for you loss.


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