Why Fake It

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Any success stories on this theme? I put my comments on the post comment list.

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We all know the saying “Fake it till you make it”. But why is this statement so powerful and so important?

Have you ever doubted yourself? Don’t think you can accomplish a particular goal so you keep pushing it off. Well that’s where the faking it comes in. The same way you are feeding into your fears you have to feed yourself positive messages “fake confidence” until one day you start seeing that you can accomplish the goal and start believing in yourself.

At first it will be hard because as humans we are so use to the negative that we might shock ourselves too much with the positives and how much we can actually achieve. Today I tried doing a handstand and oh boy what an epic fail that was. I kept feeding into my fears of “oh i’m going to fall over and break my neck.” Instead i’m…

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  1. Here is what positive thought can do. An example

    From the “Undefeated Mind”
    “In the elderly, feeling a sense of responsibility has been found not only to improve daily functioning but also to increase lifespan.
    In a study of nursing home patients by researchers Ellen Langer and Judith Rodin, residents on one floor were given a plant for which they themselves were expected to care (the experimental group) while residents on another floor were given a plant for which their nurses would care (the control group).
    After three weeks, 93 percent of residents in the experimental group showed an overall improvement in socialization, alertness, and general function; in contrast, for 71 percent of residents in the control group functioning actually declined.
    And in a follow-up study eighteen months later, half as many of the residents who’d received plants for which they were expected to care by themselves had died as the residents who’d been given plants for which their nurses cared.
    Finally, perhaps the most significant way in which embracing a sense of personal responsibility increases resilience is by motivating action (remember, resilience is also defined by our ability to persevere through obstacles).
    In fact, feeling responsible for achieving an outcome may motivate us even more powerfully than our desire to achieve it.
    After all, a sense of responsibility often makes us do things we don’t want to do.”
    .Positive attitude is kindergarten for what mindfulness/meditation can do


    1. It’s a true classic, that study, and largely ignored as fast as I can tell. Most institutions go far out of their way to minimize independence, whether or not such is their intention. The focus is on achieving quiet, passive obedience, roughly the opposite of responsibility.


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