The Google misery index: The times of year we’re most depressed, anxious and stressed

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I’m curious. Not to doubt all-knowing Goggle (certainly not on-line!), but how does this pattern match your own experience? The March bumb matches my annual itch for winter to end…

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  1. It looks like it matches up with my personal experience pretty well, although I was surprised that the Christmas period was not even higher on the scale. (It seems a lot of people I know may be fibbing about feeling depressed at Christmas.)

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  2. Interesting winter, lack of sunlight, I lived in AK for 6 years Alcoholism is rampant up there. In 1973 the Cut Rate Kid liquor store bought an entire shipment in 6 packs of one million gallons of Olympia beer. it sold in a weekend! that was 4 gallons of beer for every man woman and child in the state! I venture to say it didn’t last those who consumed it 6 months!


      1. I once heard a psychiatrist (he was from Britain) scoff at the idea of Seasonal Affective Disorder occurring here. But I’m sure it does. Dull, grey, wet, cold days are miserable anywhere.


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