Sanctuary Trauma and the ‘Sacred’

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Sanctuary trauma: heard of it? Imagine escaping from severe trauma, only to find more trauma from within your refuge?

Steve Rose PhD


Some Veterans experience traumas beyond the battlefield. One of these can be called, “sanctuary trauma”. A concept developed by Dr. Steven Silver, sanctuary trauma “occurs when an individual who suffered a severe stressor next encounters what was expected to be a supportive and protective environment’ and discovers only more trauma.” Some veterans who face mental or physical injuries from service are finding themselves in a second battle with the bureaucracy upon return.

The much-anticipated Report of the Auditor General of Canada reviewed mental health services for veterans and determined that although there are several mental health supports put in place, there is still a significant delay in access to disability benefits and clinical care. Of course there are procedures in place to ensure public funds are responsibly distributed and not used on illegitimate claims, but these processes can lead to a secondary traumatization in individuals whose mental health conditions are…

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